Pre-Conference Workshops - 7 May 2018

Workshop A

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Shared Services 101: The Fundamentals of Designing, Building & Implementing Shared Services

Brandon Lee, Global Projects Lead, S5 Agency World
Critical to the success of a new SSC is a detailed business case of consolidating functions, and a robust plan for managing the transformation. Hence, this hands-on workshop will be focusing on the core activities to plan, launch, and stabilise a new shared services centre, including:
  • Establishing a clear purpose and vision
  • Conducting feasibility and cost analysis
  • Building a successful business case and baseline
  • Evaluation of a fit for purpose shared services model for your organisation
  • Effective steps in implementing transformation
  • Change management – mastering the key to successful transformation
  • Project management – advancing with an SSC blueprint and proven methodology
  • Value realisation – delivering value to the business with evolution
  • Continuously monitor the progress to sustain organisational effectiveness


Brandon Lee

Global Projects Lead
S5 Agency World

Workshop B

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Embarking on Your RPA Journey: Planning, Execution and Adoption

Vikram Bose, Head, HSBC Securities Services Operations, HSBC Global Banking and Markets
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is transforming the shared services market, taking business process automation to the next level and redefining labor and location strategies through the advent of the virtual workforce. But using RPA platforms to create automations is the easy part – the challenge lies in shepherding the transition to an automation-enabled operating model and to then manage the new environment to ensure responsiveness to constantly changing business requirements.
This workshop will open with an overview presentation and interactive group discussion on the top challenges to operationalising RPA, including case studies on how to overcome them. Get to discuss and learn:
  • Collaboration with IT on architecture, infrastructure, security and change management
  • Communication planning, stakeholder management and organisational redesign
  • Governance, compliance, controls, audit and measuring success
  • Organisation structure, roles, responsibilities, skillsets, service delivery methodology and interface to business/operations for RPA deployment


Vikram Bose

Head, HSBC Securities Services Operations
HSBC Global Banking and Markets

Workshop C

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Strategic Workforce Planning for the 21st Century Shared Services Centre

Talent retention and development remains a top challenge faced by shared services practitioners in Malaysia due to the increasing lack of supply over demand. This practical workshop will look at all aspects from systems to processes for effective talent management, allowing you to maximise business outcomes.
  • Developing the framework to effectively manage and retain key talent
  • Building the infrastructure to optimise your talent policies and processes
  • How does a strategic HR function effectively support the movement of talent within the whole network of the organisation?
  • What is the direct impact on talent acquisition, learning and development?
  • Acquiring effective talent management techniques to motivate employees, drive productivity and improve bench strength